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“Safeguarding”, “Breaking-Through” and “Surpassing” in the Construction of “New Liberal Arts” in China

The innovation and construction of “New Liberal Arts” in recent years has aroused widespread concerns and discussions in the circles of education and social sciences in China. However, some issues have yet to be clarified and are still in the exploratory stage. Through extensive study and analysis on the related literature in the past three years, the paper proposes the principles of “safeguarding”, “breaking-through” and “surpassing” for the reform and construction of “New Liberal Arts”. “Safeguarding” means to uphold the essence and connotation of the disciplines of liberal arts. On the basis of it, it is suggested to “break through” outdated concepts of running colleges/universities, to break free from the confinement of administrative management of scientific research system, and break down the disciplinary barriers within/ between the humanities and social sciences and natural sciences. Thereafter, considering the advantages and characteristics of their disciplines comprehensively, colleges/universities should innovatively optimize their disciplinary positionings and layouts, talent cultivation mechanisms, teaching methods, and research approaches. Ultimately, “surpassing” is achieved through interdisciplinary integration and advancement of technology in the teaching and research of humanities and social sciences. This aims to better cultivate high-quality talents required by the country in the new era and better serve the society. In the reform and construction of “New Liberal Arts”, innovative measures taken by pioneering universities have provided useful references for other universities.

The Construction of “New Liberal Arts”, Safeguarding, Innovation

Lihong Wu. (2023). “Safeguarding”, “Breaking-Through” and “Surpassing” in the Construction of “New Liberal Arts” in China. Social Sciences, 12(5), 230-236.

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