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Research on International Tourists' Perception of Haikou's Tourism Image from the Perspective of Social Media in China

A large number of research results show that a place's tourism image is an important factor affecting international tourists' choice of tourism destinations and their willingness to travel. In recent years, the Chinese government has launched a series of new tourism strategies to enhance and shape China's national tourism brand by launching a large number of tourism activities, thereby attracting domestic and foreign tourists to a certain extent. However, from the data point of view, the development of China's inbound tourism has gradually weakened in recent years, and the increase in the number of inbound tourists has stabilized, indicating that the current national tourism brand built by China has not yet exerted sufficient influence on a global scale. World-wide visibility is still low. Therefore, from the perspective of foreign tourists, it is very meaningful to explore the generation mechanism of China's national tourism image and cognitive form. From the perspective of the international tourists' urban tourism image of Haikou under social media, based on the existing literature, through the use of literature analysis, network mining and text analysis, this paper analyzes in detail the perception of Haikou by international tourists. City tourism image. And based on this, the city tourism image of Haikou City is studied in detail, and the city tourism image of Haikou City is explored from the perspective of international tourists. This paper mainly analyzes the consumption demand and behavior of international tourists in Haikou City, grasps the existing tourism advantages of urban tourism in Haikou City, and analyzes the reasons for the existing shortcomings such as low international influence, insufficient tourism brand characteristics and insufficient tourism facilities. And propose corresponding improvement suggestions. To enrich international tourists' research literature on China's national tourism image, and to promote Haikou's overseas tourist tourism business, with a view to building Hainan Island into a world-class international tourism destination.

Tourism Image, Social Media, Image Measurement, Tourist Destination

Min Ding, Chuanning Wu. (2023). Research on International Tourists' Perception of Haikou's Tourism Image from the Perspective of Social Media in China. Social Sciences, 12(4), 213-222.

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